Features And Limitations Of Reliance Jio Browser

Unlike many web browsers like UC browser, M-cent browser and like Xiaomi’s newly launched web browser for mobiles, Reliance too has launched its one new web browser among these former ones. This browser has so many downloads in just a very little time, proves the liking of this browser. So, in this article, we are going to discuss Features And Limitations Of Reliance Jio Browser.

This browser is now only for Android users only, and there is no news about the launch for other operating system devices. With this browser Reliance promises fast speed of the browser and low data usage feature of this app.

What really makes this browser different from the former ones is that it supports up to 8 Indian languages till now and there are possibilities that other Indic languages may also get introduced.

Here is everything you should know before downloading jio browser. So, that it saves you real-time “if” you don’t like it.

To download Reliance Jio browser all you have to do is to visit play store and type or ask for it.

So, without much of other stuff let’s begin the article, on Features And Limitations Of Reliance Jio Browser.

Features And Details Of Jio Browser

Reliance JioBrowser: Look


While the application UI9User Interface is smooth and easy-to-use, the focus is rather on the content than browsing. The interface seems to be inspired by Google’s Material Design, which is quite simple and sober types. It’s neat and easy to get started.

But, apart from all this, its overall look is not much different from all other browsers which are already available.

Best Features and Details Of JioBrowser

1. Voice Search is one of the top features of this JioBrowser, as it has become quite normal these days and some of the former browsers like Chrome and Mint browser by Xiaomi already have this feature. But, many other browsers don’t have this feature.

2. Users of this Jio Browser will also have a very good option to share the webpage one is suffering to their friends on other applications. For this, you just have to use three dots on the top right corner>just tap on share icon>select your preferred share application.

3. In the section of Privacy and Security Jio just like other browsers gives you the incognito mode option to use.

4. Just like some other web browsers, JioBrowser also has direct options to connect with some most common but famous apps like Instagram, Facebook etc.


Limitations of JioBrowser

Users, however, can increase the text size of the content within the application. But, Since it’s a stripped down version of the main browser, don’t expect dynamic features like Read Mode or customize the window panels.

Also, Dark Mode which makes the content more comfortable for eyes s missing in tis browser.


We have covered Features And Limitations Of Reliance Jio Browser here, and if there are any left please let us know in the comment section below.

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