Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale: All Details And Features

To make sure all the possibilities of this game I have come up with this Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale: All Details And Features.

Announced by DICE in the previous year 2018 Battlefield 5 is a battle royale game. In the recent events of the launch of many battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex, etc. this Battlefield 5 will be also fun to play.


If you are a Battlefield 5 player, then you will have access of its battle royale feature.

You can easily buy Battlefield 5 from Origin, EA games.

This month update of Duos mode has been introduced in the game as part of chapter 3: Trial By Fire. But is available for testing, so you can only play it only for a while.

Battlefield 5 Battle Royale: All Details And Features Of Firestorm



As per the game official announcement, Battlefield 5 has the largest map ever compared to previous game versions.

While freefalling, landmarks, supply points, and the Firestorm itself will appear on the map. The location of your squad mates is also visible on the mini-map and each squad member has a unique color so that you can better tell who’s where.

Name of the map is Halvøy, and is 10 times larger than Battlefield 5’s next biggest map. But the circle—a ring of fire—moves to give the map some unpredictability and makes the game quite tensed.

This ring of fire is very different from other games close circles to limit the area of playing in the map.

While in other games you can wait outside of the game area in close circles to wait for other players to kill them.

In this game you will not be able to do this, as this is ring of fire. It will burn you in ashes if you keep yourself in touch with this.

Combat Vehicles


Command an armory of devastating vehicles over land, air, and sea – including five new vehicles for Firestorm.

These vehicles include tractor, helicopter, tank, etc.

If you want the power, you’ll have to take the risk and challenge other squads to be the first to unlock the best combat vehicles from Objectives.



Part of Firestorm’s rare loot, call down Reinforcements like the V-1 Rocket, artillery strikes, and combat vehicles to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

On the flipside, order supply drops to aid your squad in an instant. Firestorm brings true Battlefield destruction to the battle royale genre, making for unparalleled moments and unique tactical opportunities.

No more camping in buildings when a V-1 rocket can blow your house in.

  • Strongboxes – These contain a variety of supplies including weapons, gadgets, and healing items.
  • These are scattered throughout the map and more common near landmarks.
  • Safes – Secure safes are located inside the map at different locations.
  • Supply Drops – Random supply drops will occur throughout a Firestorm match, delivered from a plane above and marked by a green flare once hitting the ground.
  • Re-supply Points – As the Firestorm closes in, supply points at various points of the map may become active and can be located by the rising barrage balloons.
  • Vehicle Lockup – Abandoned combat vehicles and other valuable supplies can be found locked behind bunkers in strategic locations. These sites can be accessed by having two players interact with a mechanism on either side of the doors.

Weapons And Gadgets

These are categorized by weapon type and require their corresponding ammo: rifle, shotgun, MMG, sniper, and SMG. Weapons are also found in three different levels — Common, Rare, and Epic — with a degree of advantages.

Soldiers get two primary weapon slots as well as one sidearm just like most of the battle royale games.

Battlefield’s gadgets like the Bouncing Betty and Sticky Grenade make their way to Firestorm.

But there are also a few additions unique to the battle royale experience.

Team And Players


In it you can play as a squad, solo or duo, as per your choices. There are total of 64 players either individually or summed up in squad are allowed to play.

These different team formations changes the gameplay at some extent.

For example, if you are playing in solo mode it will be hard for you take out take out tanks from the lockouts, without getting noticed.

As if you are playing in squad, some of your teammates can keep eye on the field to lookout for enemies, while others can withdraw tank.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm(Battle Royale): Conclusion

In this article of Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale: All Details And Features you will be able to find all the latest updates on Battlefield 5, before playing this game.

In the recent playing of this game, one thing is for sure that this game will be a hit.

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