Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking

On  14th March, we have lost a jewel of humankind who used to spread brightness of scientific knowledge. One of the greatest minds of our times Stephen Hawking, passed away aged 76  due to the Lou Gehrig’s disease. In this post, Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking, we want to share some of his marvelous work.

Here are few names of the Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking:


  • A Brief History Of Time-Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking

“A Brief History of Time was published in 1988 and it was a publishing phenomenon that sold more than 10 million copies.

StephenHawking (a physicist and writer) gave a technical explanation and clarified and expanded on the subjects of greatest interest—the creation of the universe, curved space, quantum gravity.

They discuss developments during the past two decades in string theory and the discoveries of dark matter and dark energy. Clarity and conciseness have mystical power and was a delight to read.


The Universe In a Nutshell - Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking


This is a remarkable synthesis of scientific thought about the universe in the large.

It is a product of the large thinking, large scholarship and large generosity of mind of Stephen Hawking.

This book contains a fascinating and accessible discussion that ranges from quantum mechanics to time travel, black holes to uncertainty theory, to the search for science’s Holy Grail – the unified field theory.



The Grand Design-Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has co-authored The Grand Design with Leonard Mlodinow which immediately hit the No.1 spot on the New York Times best-seller list.

The rooted concept of this book is scientific determinism which implies, there are no miracles or exceptions to the laws of nature.

But ‘scientific determinism’ is simply the philosophical assumption that the laws control all events.

It lays emphasis on the theory that reality is a construct of our minds i.e. there is no such thing as objective reality.

And also focused on the idea of gravity as a god.

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I hope you enjoy reading, Best Books To Read Written By Stephen Hawking.

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