How To Delete Happn Account Or Deactivate It?

If you have been using dating apps, you must have used or heard about happn-Local Dating App. And, if you have been dating for a while, found the partner, or for any other reason are done with dating, you must’ve thought of to delete/deactivate your account from that dating app. so, here we have, How To Delete Happn Account Or Deactivate It?.

Happn app is one of its kind, the most interesting feature of this is you can connect with the other gender on crossing each other on the road. Yes, Just like that.

Take this, if you visit only specific place in your city, eat at specific places etc. then you can find someone with common interests like you.

With a feature of map, you can see the other users near you and meet them up without a hassle.

You can show your interest in someone by giving them a like, by this they can know you were somewhere around them. And, if they like you back, then its a match.

This Happn app, is very popular, and have millions of downloads on android and iOS.

So, without much discussion, go through the following steps of How To Delete Happn Account Or Deactivate It?.

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Simple Way To Know How To Delete Happn Account Or Deactivate It?

1. Deactivating Happn Account

If you deactivate your account, you’ll completely disappear from the application.

The people you Crushed with won’t see you anymore, won’t be able to talk with you and you won’t be shown in the Timeline.

If you want, you can pause happn for 8 hours. Your position will not be updated, no one will cross paths with you and you won’t cross paths with new people.

However, you will still be able to interact with the people you’ve crossed paths with, communicate with your Crushes.

All you need to do is to visit- App setting>> Deactive My account.

There will be 2 options:- 1) Deactivate For 8 hrs. 2) Deactivate completely.

2. Delete Happn Account Permanently

Open the app and visit App Settings >> My data >> Delete my account.

You will lose all data including every Hello ⭐ sent, as well as Crushes, conversations and the people you have crossed paths with.

Or you can let the Happn team do it for you, you just need to specify the name and email address you use for your Facebook account or your mobile phone number so we can find your profile in our user database.

Note: If you are a Premium user and want to delete your account, please note that it won’t cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription. This should be done through your mobile store.

Note: 1) Deleting the app doesn’t delete your account.

2) If you log in after deleting your account, happn will create a new account for you with the same information.


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