How To Get Followers On Instagram Fast(2019)

Having a thought of How To Get Followers On Instagram Fast(2019) is obvious, as there are around 700 million Instagram users on Instagram and still growing each day.

It has become very powerful and entertaining platform and that is why the strategies that was helping getting followers in previous year, may not help you much now.

In my view for branding and to get popularity easily social media platform is necessary.

Here in this article I am going to tell you about some right methods to help you get noticed on Instagram fast.

For more details and introduction about Instagram click here.

With a proper technique and guide anyone can get very much attention on Instagram(but with some quality work done.)

With these methods you can get some appreciable numbers of followers on Instagram per day.

So, without much discussion go through the following guide and get yourself good numbers of followers and likes on Instagram.

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram Cheat


In this section I am going to discuss about some tools, which are popular and effective in getting followers.

There are other methods too, which are discussed later in this article. But, these are paid tools to get your desired result.

So, lets get started.


This platform provides you everything related to Instagram. They provide free followers for your Instagram page in a few easy steps.


You just have to put the name of your page, number of followers you want and the duration of time in which you want your followers(from 1 to 60 days).

Mr. Insta


Here, in very few steps you can have desired number of followers on your Instagram page.

They have some plans(paid and free) which you can opt for, as per your choice and need.

Use Milotree

This is just like Pinterest and YouTube to gain a good audience from your blogpost to your Instagram page.

Milotree is just another platform to help you with this type of promotion of your Instagram page.

It shows a popup to your website visitors, encouraging them to follow your page. It is easy and hassle free and cheap also.


This platform exists because of Instagram , and in every way let’s you handle and engage with your audience very fast.

As without engagement you can’t get noticed in others feed, so that is why this platform is so popular. It lets you mass like, follow and comment on various post which you like, and actually gets targeted audience from.

The most interesting feature of Combin is it lets you target your competitor’s audience, and monitoring your audiences and posts too.


This method is very powerful as this helps you engage with others fast. In a mutual understanding sharing each others post on Instagram will surely benefit you by getting a good number of engagements as wellcas followers too.


This well known platform for Pinterest is now into Instagram buisness. By helping you scheduling your post and all, on a perfect time, will smooth the process.

Let a system manage your posts is not much professional, but if you manage more than one pages or clients, you need Tailwind more than any other tool for Instagram engagements and followers.

It consists of hashtags generator which will help you select for the best suitable hashtags for your posts.

Also for the best hashtags to get likes and followers on Instagram visit Hashtags4u.

Use Buffer

Buffer comes with free as well as paid version, with this you can not only manage Instagram alone but also Twitter and Facebook.

With this tool you can schedule your post and also publish them at one time on all three platforms.

Using Apps For Followers

Using a bot to increase your followers comes with the prize, as this surely get you very much numbers of engagements and followers but also cna lead you to trouble.

Basically what these apps does is to to guide you all the basics and necessities to gain likes and followers.

Some of it gamifies social media engagement to motivate you to interact more.

Apps like Social Rocket, Crowdfire, Followers for Instagram, Track for Instagram etc. are some most popular apps to try once.

Genuine Methods To Get Instagram Followers And Likes


Content Strategy

The most basic part of any promotion, is to select a targeted audience for your services or posts and act accordingly.

Making a effective content for your page will help you get likes and followers without using any of the other promotion techniques.

This part is completely upto you, as how you can manage the interest of audience as well as the trend too.

The more interactive and creative your work is the more helpful and beneficial it is for you.

Scheduling Of Posts

As discussed earlier, scheduling is very important for the growth of any Instagram page, so be sure to look into it.

Earlier mentioned tools for scheduling and monitoring can also be used if you are willing to manage many pages at once.

Using Post Related Hashtags

Hashtags are always to be chosen wisely. The more relatable the hashtag is the more targeted audience it will get for you.

For example, if your post is about wedding cake, make sure to use all popular hashtags related to wedding cake only.

For best hashtags you can simply visit Hashtags4u. Here you will get all the famous and popular hashtags to get you noticed on Instagram.

Keep Following Others

If you are noob in the world of Instagram, keep in mind one thing that the more you make yourself visible to the popular ones in your field the more beneficial it is for you.

So, keep following others, to increase the visibility of your page.

Run Instagram Ads

Here money is involved, if you are not willing to sacrifice your time in the promotion you can simply run ads of your page.

Instagram provides you slots of money which you can choose as per your requirement.

From small periods to long periods, ads can be arranged with the money. The more you are willing to pay the more ads of your page will run on Instagram.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups

This tactic is best for beginners. While it can be tempting to join the biggest Instagram engagement groups, the truth is you’ll get a more targeted list of Instagram followers by sticking to your niche.

You can find engagement groups for travel, beauty, fashion and more.

In these groups, you can get followers and likes from people who have shared interests. But if you’re serious about getting the attention, you should also return the favor by following fan pages for people who join the group.

Hosting Giveaways

This technique is very popular to gain the attentions of Instagram users on your page.

If you host a giveaway, for example if your page is about travel, and you host a give away about best travel coupons and deals. The more users will look into it.

And, in the feeling of getting something for free, the will engage more and more on your page.

Hosting giveaways is a cheap tactic in view of some peoples, but most of the big pages on Instagram, atleast once done it.

Partner With Other Brands

If you keep doing your work with passion and honesty, your page will surely get a sponsorship or a deal to work together.

If they don’t reach out to you, and you have some decent numbers of the followers, you can also reach out to other pages or brands too.

This method will not only increase the visibility of your page, but also you can start earning some good money.

Instagram Analytics Tool

All these Instagram analytics tools provide valid and highly informative information that can help you better understand your audience.

This data can also highlight the right content that leads to increasing Instagram followers, which should lead to more sales for your online business.

Some of these tools are:- Sprout Social, Iconosquare, Keyhole etc.

Apart from these, Instagram analytics can also give you so much information about your followers.

But, with these tools you can have access over more information like engagement rate, new followers, unfollows, and inactive accounts can give you insight that will shape how you get more followers on Instagram.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram Fast Conclusion.

The best way to get Instagram followers is to work on your talent, and maintain a best schedule for your posts.

The more you improve your work the more followers you will get. Also, always be honest in your work. Do it with passion and creativity.

Try the above-mentioned methods to get likes and followers on Instagram, and let me know about your experiences in the comment section below.

If there is anything, any method or tactics that I missed, feel free to give your suggestions.

Also, do share this article with others.

Thank you all for reading this.

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