List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World

Superheroes are quite a popular character amidst young and fantasy lover. Recently there is a lot of hype on Avengers. so i have decided to present my List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World.

Marvel and DC are quite popular superhero comics worldwide but do you know we also have Indian superheroes, popular enough beat down the evil.

List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World :


 List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World-NAGRAJ

Nagraj is a character of Raj comics world where he is a demigod, successor of Takshaknagar kingdom. This demigod is my favorite character on my List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World.

But in the comic plot, his character is developed more as killing machine.

Nagraj derives most of his powers from microscopic snakes that live in his bloodstream, in lieu of white blood cells.

He has a number of powers: superhuman strength, poisonous breath, and poison-bite.

Instant healing powers, and snakes that come out of his wrists.

The snakes can come out individually or form into ropes, parachutes, and many others, depending on his imagination.


 List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World-DOGA

Doga is a fictional character of Raj comics, he is a very much familiar character to Batman of DC comics.

The character first appeared in the issue Curfew.

Doga is a vigilante who believes in “Uprooting the problem rather than solving it. He doesn’t believe in corrupt law system of the country.

Doga’s powers lie in his will of fire and hatred toward injustice. He brings down wrath upon criminals. Just like Batman, he depends more on his martial arts and intense training he had gone through.

He has an additional power of communication with dogs which make him a natural superhero.

Doga has been presented showing no mercy towards criminals hence he is hugely popular for his one-man army image.

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 List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World-SUPER COMMANDO DHRUV

Dhruva is more like commando as his name suggests, he is the founder of the crime-fighting organization. Dhruva story starts with Jupiter circus where his parents used to work. he had learned most of his skill from circus members.

After his parents demise due to the conspired burning of Jupiter circus, on order of rival. He decides to take revenge for them.

Dhruva has got many skills but no superhuman powers except a skill of communication with animals.

Dhruva can also breathe and talk inside water for 20 min. Dhruva is known to possess a high-level intellect.


 List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World-SHAKTI

In my  List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World, Shakti is the only women badass but I can bet that she is supremely powerful in comparison to other comics heroines.

Shakti’s is an ordinary household woman who got his power due to the incarnation of goddess Kali. She is similar to Thor from Marvel comics, who lived as the mortal doctor as she also works as a nurse in a hospital.

Shakti’s power is infinite due to goddess Kali occupying his body. She can travel at light speed, has the third eye of kali which can vaporize any metal and disappear his enemies.

She is physically the strongest character in the Raj comics universe. This character can even carry an airplane with ease and can travel with it at the speed of light.

Shakti also has superhuman strength end endurance.


 List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World-BHOKAL

He-Man, you have heard of this character whose magical power knows no limit, Bhokal is similar in magical terms.

Bhokal is a fearless warrior of parilok (fairyland). He descended in Vikas Nagar to fight a battle, where he lost his power due to a conspiracy.

Bhokal powers are quite similar to He-Man. he can summon his power by hailing his guru’s name similar to He-Man ancestors spirit.

He has superhuman strength, a sword, and a shield. He lost his power in later episodes.

To fight a war against evil, he gathers powerful weapons of deities. Gada of Hanuman, khadag of Kali, vajra of Indra and many more.


List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World-PARMANU

In comics word combine powers of iron man suit of marvel and Mr. Atom of DC can be termed as parmanu (inspired).

Parmanu is an ordinary cop with no inherited superpowers. But with the help of scientists kk Verma suit technology, he becomes parmanu.

He can fly at speed of light, has a belt that provides him the power to shrink. He can fire atomic bolts from his chest. His wrist gadgets can fire atomic bolts as well and reel out an atomic rope.

By using his power he keeps checking on crime in Delhi.

I hope all of you enjoyed reading my List Of Best Indian Superheroes In Raj Comics World. please share your favorite character below in comments.

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