Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2019: Best Plugin To Improve Ranking

Competition in blogging is increasing day by day, and as a blogger, one must be ready to cope with all challenges to come. Ranking your blog is getting tougher and that is why you need a smart tool to guide you with all the factors which will help you improve it. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2019: Best Plugin To Improve Ranking will help you understand this tool and give you all the possible reasons to give it a try.

Talking about reason, so, it should be most important for bloggers to reason, to raise questions. That is why one must question all the tools before using it, as is it going to help you with your career in blogging or not?

Because as a blogger, one must always think about growth of his/her own. If you grow there will be improvement and growth in work too.

So, now talking more about Rank Math, it will give all the possible reasons to use it instead of your former ranking tools.

Later in this article you will find out what are the features of Rank Math, which makes it way ahead than other tools.

But, the most important reason to use Rank Math, is its features that are vast in numbers and are improving with time.

So as far as, ranking is concerned this tool will guide you in very simple and user friendly features.

Setting up this plugin is very simple, and in 5 to 6 steps it gets ready to use.


So, without much discussion go through the following features of Rank Math SEO plugin, and decide for yourself.

10 Features That Made Rank Math A Game Changer

There are few features that are common in other SEO plugins and Rank Math, but even these common features of Rank Math provides more variety of functions to help you with SEO.

The features that are different from other plugins are listed below.

1. Rank Tracking Option(Coming Soon)


This rank tracking feature will notify you when your post gets ranked in search engine, and keep you posted for every slight change in the post ranking.

This upcoming feature will be very much helpful as now you do not need to use third-party websites and services for this. Many of such services are paid, but with Rank Math, you will be able to get it for free.

The report also exhibits CTR, impressions and clicks, and keywords for which your post is ranked in the search engines.

2. 404 Monitor and Redirection


This feature is very awesome, with it you will be able to monitor the 404 errors on your pages and links.

These 404 errors will degrade your rankings, so with this 404 monitor and redirection option you will be able to keep track of all those error pages and links as ell as redirect them to valid pages and links.

3. Social Media Integration


With this inbuilt feature of social media you can verify all your social media accounts in this plugin, and with relevant social media metadata it helps you create more social media rich posts.

Social media integration feature also let you to use appropriate social tags to include your social media channels with google tags.

4. Role Management Options


Roles that are available to engage with and different roles that can be assigned to them are also available. Main roles that are available are:-

Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, Customer, Shop Manager.

In these different roles you can assign as well as remove the specific tasks to the team users at any time in very simple steps.

5. Breadcrumbs Feature


Breadcrumbs help users navigate your website and also helps search engines index your content efficiently.

6. Customer Care Or Support Team

The support team is really friendly and responsive, also the will help you resolve all your problems related to Rank Math. They will also help you set-up the Rank Math if you are unable to understand any of its features.

7. Bulk Optimization

This optimization feature is what really is a fantastic job from Rank Math team.

With this bulk editing feature you can updates the titles and descriptions of hundreds of posts at the same time.

8. Link builder


This link builder feature is very good to create internal links in just few simple steps.

All you have to do is to just enter the keyword you want to convert into a link and its done. The Rank Math will change all its mentions either it is present or future mention into a link that will point to a URL that you specify to that keyword.

9. Knowledge Graph Feature


The knowledge graph section covers a large area in the SERPs and instantly improves perceived authority in the eyes of the viewer.

Rank Math increases your website’s chances of appearing in the knowledge graph results by automatically adding the appropriate markup on your website.

10. Reports by Email(Coming Soon)


This upcoming feature is really fantastic, as with so many moving parts, it’s hard to identify sometimes what SEO changes are working for your website. 

Rank Math’s regular email reports keep you updated on your WordPress site’s SEO progress and its movement in the SERPs.

Why Rank Math Plugin Worths A  Try?

The answer to the above question is so simple, as a blogger one must try something new and advance. And, the main reason to give this plugin a try, because what you will find in other plugins after purchasing their premium products, Rank Math provides much more in free. You can simply visit mythemeshop and download it.

Following are some of the features that are common with other SEO plugins, but still got more variations from them.

1. SEO Analysis Option


Rank Math SEO analyzer, does a rich analysis of your posts as well as the site structure to improve overall SEO.

It will provide a graphical report of your overall SEO score, as how much your site content as well as the structure passes the SEO test.

2. Sitemap Options


This sitemap option of Rank Math, helps search engines to index your website’s content more efficiently. Option to include images in the indexing is also available.

But, as in Yoast SEO plugin it generates the sitemap for all the pages and posts in just a click, on the other hand Rank Math only initiates the sitemap indexing.

3. Search Console Feature


With this feature, if you authorizes Rank Math to access data from search console, then you don’t need to visit search console, as all the console data can be accessed and can be monitored from the Rank Math platform.

4. Keyword Optimization(upto 5)


In Yoast if you purchase premium version, then only you will be able to use more than one keywords for which you want your post to rank for.

But, not with Rank Math, if you completely setup this plugin once you get to add upto 5 keywords fora single post.

This feature not only increases chances for your post to rank easily and faster but also suggests you to improve your posts.

5. Import/Export Settings


If you have used another plugin like Yoast for SEO, and now you want to make a switch to Rank Math, but the fear of losing rankings and SEO factors like(keywords, slugs etc.) for all your posts then don’t fear.

In the starting of setting wizard of Rank Math, import and export options are available.

In one click you can easily get all your previous SEO factors imported to your Rank Math.

6. Keyword Comparison and (Coming Soon)

In this upcoming feature you will get to compare the keywords from google trends in a easy graphical analysis, which will help you select focus keyword for your posts.

This comparison feature will help you write your posts more accordingly to the best keyword to rank for.

7. Rich Snippet Preview


This snippet option is very versatile as it will help you write snippets as per your article for example, local business, video, events, recipe, product, article rich snippet previews options.

As in other plugins you get only simple article type snippet preview option, Rank Math provides a good number options as per your article type.


This article of Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2019: Best Plugin To Improve Ranking now comes at rest. This review for Rank Math SEO plugin has covered all the features of this plugin which makes it a winner among other plugins in the race best SEO plugin.

Thank you all for reading this, and also do share this with others to let them know more about Rank Math.

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